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Professional Drone Photography, 4K Drone Videography & Aerial Inspection Services

CAA Operational Authority, fully insured.

Professional safety first approach from planning , flight to delivery



Our promise

Our qualified pilots operate safely and professionally

We guarantee a responsive and quality service for all your business aerial image needs. 

What we do

Here are a few of our services. Innovative use of drone imagery to help your business....

Roof Inspections

Make initial inspections with out the need for scaffolding and access equipment.

Take photographic records for maintenance and later comparisons

Help with insurance claims

Thermal images for heat leakage and water between membranes on flat roofs

Plant Inspections

Inspect hard to get to places without the need to stop production

Check for process and flow issues

Record for maintenance records

High access wind turbines/ tower cranes


Agricultural Services

Crop Monitoring

Livestock checks

Building inspections

Drainage issues from above


Pre-start land inspections

Progress updates, keep investors and clients informed with images

Development fly-throughs for marketing

Maintenance inspections

Site Health and Safety checks

Specialist Ecclesiastical and Monument Services

Sensitive recording of historical churches.  

Record lead and copper roofs

Close ups of masonry work and carvings.

Record gravestone positions aerial view for record keeping

Monuments record and condition.



Open Spaces


Golf Courses

Land managment

Stock images

Property Images


Commercial and Industrial

Commercial and industrial property  images

Process  flow

High reach visual access, turbines, cranes

Monitor work progress

Inspect excavations 

Monitor environmental  and waste disposal operations

Surveillance/ Legal

Search and Rescue: Thermal images

Legal Services, boundary disputes, land surveys, trespass issues 

Traffic monitoring/ temporary roadwork checks for traffic flow, new junction traffic flows in real time, monitor problem areas


Check out our film rolls on Youtube  and Instagram

Rother Valley Country Park

Plant at work


Harthill Parish Church


Roof inspections

Specialist Ecclesiastical service. Inside and outside

Thorpe Salvin St Peter's

Specialist Ecclesiastical service. Inside and outside

Harthill Parish Church

Progress reporting in images

Building works progress

check insulation and running temperature

Thermal Images,

Development and estate images

Property Services

Landscape views.

thermal images, check insulation efficiency

Roof inspection

Full site views

Property and development

High level inspections

Close-up Turbine

Map positions, full site surveys,

Monument surveys

Progress images,


Inspect plant operations

Overhead Plant


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